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Community is important to WJSM.
We enjoy serving our seniors in a ministry of Joy called:


Remember to set aside the second Friday of each month from 10:45AM until 1:00PM A great time of fellowship, fun, great food and a gospel message in the West Loop Missionary Church Fellowship Hall. The church is Located on West Loop Road 5 miles south of downtown Hollidaysburg, Pa.


Share-A-Thon is a way listeners can participate by giving to support Christian radio as we seek to bring Godly music and programming that minister the word of God to the world through radio. Join us each year for Share-A-Thon week with a cast of great personalities and wonderful visitors to help raise funds needed to keep WJSM on the air. If during the year, after Share-A-Thon week has come and gone, you feel lead to give to WJSM, feel free to call us at 814-793-2188

Please, call us for prayers anytime; we would love to pray for you.